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- Let's face it, I am hotter than you.

Jacob Black

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Jack Sparrow: You may kill me but you may never insult me! Who am I?

Cutler Beckett: [Beckett falters, confused]

Jack Sparrow: [Weakly, equally puzzled by Beckett's inability to guess] I’m Captain Jack Sparrow!

pirates of the car...

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Ross: We were on a break!
Chandler: Oh, my God! If you say that one more time, I'm going to break up with you!

Rachel: You know, Ben, I was your daddy's girlfriend.
Ben: But you're not anymore. Because you were on a break.

[after observing a short fight between Rachel and Ross
PhoebeThat's it? "We were on a break." "No we weren't." What happened to you two?



friends - ross / c...

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Nu har jag lärt mig mycket mera om systemkameran och har lekt med den hela dagen med min bror, har även lärt mig mera om lightroom. Och dagens tema eller vad man ska kalla det blev eld och fick några riktigt bra bilder! ;d

We didn't start th...

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Brandon Walsh: Look, David, we're putting out this issue with a tribute to Scott. 

David Silver: Why? So people can glance at it and then throw it in the garbage? 

Brandon Walsh: No, so people can get some idea about who he was. 

David Silver: Look, he was a jerk, okay? He was a jerk who blew himself away, that's who he was. You don't know. You left early. You missed out on the fun part when he picked up a loaded gun and twirled it around like he was Wyatt Earp. You weren't there to see him goof up and bleed all over his mom's Persian rug. 

Brandon Walsh: David, the microphone is on. 

David Silver: I don't care. No-one gave a rat's ass about Scott until he died. And I was the worst one of all! He was my best friend and I dropped him! Because he wasn't cool like you or Kelly or Steve. 

Brandon Walsh: David... 

David Silver: So they're looking at me. So what? They've been looking at me for days, Brandon! "Oh, poor David, is he going to be okay? I hope he hasn't cracked up yet." I can't even walk through the halls without someone in my face trying to cheer me up like they're my new best friend! Well what about my old best friend? It doesn't matter what you write about him in that paper, Brandon. It doesn't matter what you say about someone once they're gone. What matters is how you treat them when they're still here.

David Silver: I guess you can quote me on that.

Ett favorit citat ...

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Chairman: What could I do? I owe Nobu my life. And so when I saw that he had a chance at happiness with you, I stood silent, but... But I cannot any longer. I hope... it is not too late. Don't be afraid to look at me, Chiyo.

Chiyo: [turns around to face him again] Can't you see? Every step I have taken, since I was that child on the bridge, has been to bring myself closer to you.

en geishas memoarer

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“Maybe it's maturity or the wisdom that comes with age, but the witch in Hansel and Gretel—she's very misunderstood. I mean, the woman builds her dream house and these brats come along and start eating it.”

satc - Miranda

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- Happiness is a mood, not a destination.

one tree hill - Ju...